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my name is martina cristofani, a freelance photographer based in marseille - i attended the triennial photography school in rome. I started working for cinema and theater, as a stage photographer, before changing direction while working in photojournalism. At first for the American press agency "Associated press" and after between 2002 and 2011, working for the Italian press agency "Ansa".
In 2009, I followed with the magazine "Internazionale" a Master post bac in photo editing.
for the documentary photography agency "Prospekt", I took care of photo editing, photographic post-production, website management.
Until the end of 2012, I worked in Italy for the travel magazine "The Trip magazine".
Since 2010 I work for the French agency "Sipa Press" - corporate department -
my photos have been exhibited in the united states, morocco, italy, and france
I work with newspapers, companies, film productions



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